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Idle Gold Benefit Embryo Raffle

September 24, 2019

Raffle tickets are being sold to benefit the Idle Gold Farm ~ Neil Jensen Family, to win 3 Embryos Sired by Idle Gold A Herald-P X Your choice of these dams: Trotacre Tiller Maelyn, Trotacre Primetime Marilyn, and Trotacre Ernie Madalyn. The winner will be chosen at the conclusion of World Dairy Expo! 

You can Purchase tickets online at:  , or in person at WDE by contacting Cara or Robin. 

Contact Cara Trotter for more information! 

Seeking Junior Show Sponsors!

August 29, 2019

The AGYA is seeking sponsors for the 2019 National Junior Shows in Puyallup, Harrisburg, Madison, and Louisville. These shows are crucial to youth development and networking, and put a spotlight on our youth members' efforts. Contribute today at to support our youth and be recognized across several media platforms!

August 2019 Sire Summary Information Available

August 16, 2019

All reports from the August 2019 Genetic Update are now available at

Along with the updated genetic information, Guernsey performance pedigrees now sport several new traits! The traits added are Livability (LIV), Heifer Conception Rate (HCR), Cow Conception Rate (CCR), Gestation Length (GL), and Expected Future Calving (EFC). These traits will be published for all animals with genetic indexes alongside their reliability %. See the photo for an example, and the links below for more information:

Early First Calving:

Gestation Length:


HCR: Heifer conception rate
A virgin heifer’s ability to conceive – defined as the percentage of inseminated heifers that become pregnant at each service. An HCR of 1.0 implies that daughters of this bull are 1% more likely to become pregnant as a heifer than daughters of a bull with an evaluation of 0.0

CCR: Cow conception rate
A lactating cow’s ability to conceive – defined as the percentage of inseminated cows that become pregnant at each service. A bull’s CCR of 1.0 implies that daughters of this bull are 1% more likely to become pregnant during that lactation than daughters of a bull with an evaluation of 0.0.


Crosser Joins AGA in Advisory Role

August 09, 2019

The American Guernsey Association is pleased to announce that Blaine Crosser has joined the organization as Management Consultant. In this volunteer role, Crosser will assist the Association in managing finances, organizational structure, reaching genetic improvement goals and other various projects. In his 42 years at Select Sires, Crosser was a strong advocate for the Guernsey breed, not only in his career but as a volunteer on many AGA committees, the Guernsey Foundation and Guernsey Gold Sires. The AGA Board and Staff looks forward to working with Crosser to continue to improve and expand the breed.

AGA to require A2 testing of males

July 12, 2019

On July 10th, 2019, the AGA Board of Directors voted to require all registered males complete Beta Casein A2 testing. This is effective for all bulls born on July 10, 2019 or after. Males are already required to complete genomic testing and pass both parentage and breed percentage qualifiers in order to have registered offspring. A2 testing can be done with genomic testing through the AGA's partnership with Zoetis. The Board reduced the price to add A2 testing to males on tests done through AGA to $5. The goal of the action is to have as much information available to breeders as possible. 

Questions about genomic and A2 testing: Robin Alden, Program Manager 614.339.5390

For questions about the Board of Directors, please visit our Staff page to find contact information on your board member.

Leadership Announcement

June 03, 2019

The AGA Board of Directors would like to thank Doug Granitz for his service to our membership. In his tenure, Doug has focused the Association in a direction that will help members market Golden Guernsey® milk products and to re-establish the Guernsey breed as a source of premium milk. The Board is thankful for Doug’s passion to the milk that our great cow produces and to his commitment and evaluation of our businesses and finances. Effective June 1, 2019 the Board of Directors Executive Committee will work jointly to carry out the business of the Association, and have appointed David Coon as the Interim Executive Secretary. Doug will remain with the AGA through June and continue to work on key milk marketing projects for our members. After June, he will be working independently with the milk marketing projects. We wish Doug well in his future endeavors and much success in helping to re-establish Golden Guernsey ® milk.

Two ways to win your very own Guernsey calf!

May 03, 2019

At this year's National Convention in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, there will be not one, but TWO ways to win your very own Guernsey calf!

As usual, the AGYA Raffle Calf will be drawn at the National Convention Sale on June 23. The winner can choose between $1000 or their own Registered Guernsey calf from Hoard's Dairyman Farm! Tickets are on sale online or from AGYA members near you. 

Additionally, Neil & Janice Jensen of Idle Gold Farm have made a special donation of one calf to be raffled to an AGYA member at the National Convention Sale! Any AGA Youth Member age 8 to 21 who is registered for convention and attends at least one event OR buys an animal in the National Convention Sale will have an opportunity to win a calf from Idle Gold Farm! All youth who participate will get their name put into a hat to be drawn at the end of the sale on June 23. Winner gets the calf! 

Top Active Bull Toby has A2 Status Adjustment

April 11, 2019

Ripley Farms Pie C Toby has been retested for the Beta Casein A2 trait and now shows a status of A2A2. Previously, Toby's recorded Beta Casein A2 with the laboratory at UC-Davis listed him as A1A2. After a breeder inquiry, Genex agreed to retest the bull and found the new A2A2 status with Geneseek, where Toby was genomic tested. This occured after finding that over 97% of tested Toby offspring were A2A2, with the only non-A2A2 offspring having other sources of the A1 gene. 

The American Guernsey Association thanks Genex for their quick turnaround of this information and the Guernsey breeders who brought the matter to our attention. The AGA also commends all breeders who invest in Beta Casein A2 testing and have results reported to their offices.

Please contact Programs Manager Robin Alden with any questions: 614-339-5390 or

AGA Announces 2019 Summer Intern

April 05, 2019

Morgan Lambrecht, a junior at Purdue University, has been hired as the Summer Intern for the American Guernsey Association. Lambrecht is from southern Indiana where her family raises registered Guernsey and Brown Swiss cattle. During the school year, Lambrecht is active in the Purdue Dairy Club and the Agriculture Economic Envoys. She is also serving as an Ambassador for Agriculture Future of America during the upcoming school year. Lambrecht has previously served as an Indiana Dairy Ambassador and the Indiana Guernsey Queen in different years in her collegiate career. She will be studying abroad in Europe for a few weeks in May and will begin her internship after she returns. Lambrecht has previously interned with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association in Washington, DC. After graduation in May of 2020, Lambrecht hopes to work for an animal agriculture association on either the state or national level. Through this internship, Lambrecht hopes to learn more about the industry that her passion for agriculture started from.

AGA seeks 2019 Summer Intern

March 05, 2019

The American Guernsey Association seeks the 2019 Summer Intern. Interested applicants should email a resume and cover letter to by March 15, 2019.  Click on the image of the job description on the left to view the full document. 

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