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Acute reasons to reject a friend include hurtful comments, implying lower interests or putting down your significant other. Experts suggest that you reflect on how you feel after spending time with a friend. Does it leave you feeling great or do you feel like you're being drained? Does the person never respect your boundaries? If so, then the person is not a real friend. You can tell if a person is a true friend by observing how they behave after a minor fight.

Bad Friends Post Card

Real friends give you encouragement and constructive criticism when needed. Real friends support your accomplishments, while fake friends are jealous of your successes and are quick to complain when you fail them. Fake friends will also expect you to look good, whereas true friends will accept you as you are and still love you. Hence, a real friend understands your shortcomings and is happy to help you reach your goals. You'll never find a true friend who doesn't care about your appearance.


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