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Is low protein dog food healthy for ESAs? - 2022 Guide

Having a furry canine companion is extremely gratifying and brings a lot of joy in one’s life but it also brings many responsibilities. Feeding them a balanced diet is one of the major responsibilities. Many dog owners struggle with this responsibility of esa letter for housing because there is no single formula that accommodates all the nutritional requirements of a dog.

The nutritional requirements vary from dog to dog. These nutritional requirements also change with the growing age of the dogs. Young little puppies need a lot of protein in their diet for their optimal growth and to provide fuel for the activities of the day. On the other hand, senior dogs with very little day-to-day activities need a very little amount of protein in their food and therefore, low protein dog food is recommended for them.

There are many people who get their dogs in a lot of trouble because they feed the food of young puppies to their senior dogs. The high protein content in the food creates a massive workload for the kidneys, which can potentially cause kidney damage. To avoid this kidney damage, vets prescribe low protein dog foods.

Are you familiar with the pain of getting separated from your pet, ESA pet? I hope not. It is excruciating. I once witnessed an air hostess taking away an ESA dog from a passenger. This happened because the dog owner did not have a valid ESA letter. If you do not want to get separated from your ESA pet, I suggest you get an ESA letter from a professional and licensed practitioner.

Best low protein foods

A prescribed diet is always preferred but off the shelf, brands can also be appropriate for the health of your dog if you note the ingredients of the food item. Many of these branded low protein dog foods are made particularly for senior dogs and not for dogs with a medical issue such as kidney problems. Here is a list of some best low protein dog food:

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

As evident from the name, it is dry dog food. It is one of the emotional support animal letter brands in the market. The special feature of this food is that it is composed of only natural ingredients such as amino acids, minerals, and vital vitamins. No artificial ingredient or even flavor is added to the food. For protein sources, lamb and chicken are used. It is easy to digest, thus it does not put much workload on the weakened kidneys of senior dogs.

Canidae All Life Stages

As evident from the name, this dog food is appropriate for dogs of all ages. You can buy this food both for your puppy as well as for your senior dog. This is the best option for those people who have more than one dog that are of different ages. For senior dogs, this includes probiotics and antioxidants which help in digestion and improving the immune system respectively.

Natural Balance L.I.D

It is a dry low protein dog food. It contains high-quality protein sourced from sweet potatoes and venison recipes. It accommodates all the nutritional needs of senior dogs while considering the ingredients limits. It does not contain any artificial ingredients, colors, or flavor. However, it contains necessary amino acids that help maintain strong muscles and a healthy coat.

There are many other low protein dog foods available in the market. While buying you should always take a look at the ingredients: protein, phosphorus level, and age appropriateness. Moreover, no matter which non-prescribed dog food item you may select, you should always run it by your vet before putting it in your dog’s bowl. You can apply for an esa letter online from

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