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When creating custom bobbleheads, the materials you choose are an important factor. If you want your bobbleheads to be durable and flexible, you'll want to select materials made from high-quality materials. The look of your custom bobblehead will depend on the material used during the manufacturing process. Polyresin and polymer clay are two of the most common materials used to create customized bobbleheads. While polymer clay is cheaper and easier to work with, it is also more fragile and will need to be treated more carefully.

Custom Bobbleheads can come in a standard or customized model. The standard body model is predesigned and comes in hundreds of options, such as a baseball player, a businessman, or a nurse. When designing custom bobbleheads, keep in mind that you will pay a higher price for personalized bases. You should also consider whether you want to add lettering on the base. Some sites will charge you a flat rate of $10 for the lettering, while others will charge you per word.

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