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4 Significant Changes In The Education Sector Due To Covid-19

New York City is one of the most expensive cities to live in, but that doesn't mean the students living in the “Big Apple” can't explore the city on a tight budget. There are plenty of amazing places to go and activities to take part in without breaking the bank.

Presented below are some essay help ideas for students to have fun on a budget.

Walk along the High Line

An elevated rail line that's converted to a pedestrian walkway, the High Line in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood is worth a stroll. But it also hosts stargazing, garden tours, meditation practices, tai chi, movies, and more all through the year, and you get to enjoy all of it for free.

Island Getaway

Students can take a day trip to Governors Island, a 172-acre island in the heart of New York Harbor. The five-minute ferry ride from Lower Manhattan is free and comes with breathtaking views of New York Harbor. On Governors Island, there's something for everyone, whether it's kayaking along the Hudson River or enjoy a free concert. Try paper checker

Step inside the magnificent St. Patrick's Cathedral

The cathedral was renovated in 2016, and now it shines through the cleaned exterior, repaired glass, and a painted ceiling, but the inside is mostly untouched. Irrespective of your religious affiliation, St. Patrick's is a must-visit, and it's right across from another NYC landmark worth visiting, ie, Rockefeller Center.

Savor the familiar tastes of childhood at Economy Candy

The Lower East Side's Economy Candy comes with a huge selection of candies, and the prices are low. Most candies are sold in bulk, and consumers rave about finding treats that make them relive childhood nostalgia. While you savor the sweet treats, spend some time exploring the neighborhood and check out the many boutiques, bars, and restaurants this hipster enclave Chemistry Homework Help holds.

Visit a Library or Two

Over a century old, the New York Public Library's Stephen A. Schwarzman Building is a landmark you must explore. The Rose Main Reading Room, which was renovated in 2016, is a highlight. Fans of art deco architecture can also check out the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library near Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn.

Visit the Central Park

This famous park has served as a backdrop to many books and movies and hosts events throughout the year. The Central Park Conservancy conducts tours of various areas within the park, or you can also enjoy a self-guided virtual tour. Of course, the best way to experience Central Park is to simply wander about.

So, take my test for me even if you're on a tight budget, you'll never run of things to explore in NYC.

Sylar Lucas

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