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Teak root furniture is a unique piece of furniture that literally one of a kind in this world, the natural shape of the root cannot be replicated by any human hand or by advanced woodworking machinery.

The natural shape of teak Indonesian Teak Root Furniture root can be used to make any kind of furniture, we can make a simple stool and coffee table, to a full-size room divider. And of course, no two items are the same one and another.

In this post, we will explain our point of view about teak root furniture, the pro’s and con’s, how to buy them, and few points you need to know before you buy teak root furniture, especially if you buy them from Indonesia.

You may be wondering, where Teak Garden Furniture do we get so many teak roots to make a furniture product. Well…there are hundreds of thousands of acres of teak plantation forest on Java island alone. Every year, the government is harvesting suitable teak trees for market consumption.

And after the tree is cut, it must be replanted again for sustainable teak wood material chains. now the problem is the wood stump and root from the old harvested tree must be taken out from the ground so we can plant new crops on the soil. And this is how we get so many root materials to make furniture.

Teak Root Furniture

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