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Parentage DNA Testing

Microsatellite testing is available to confirm parentage on any animal. We request that you give the office as much information as possible about potential parentage in order to make the process efficient. To run a microsatellite parentage test, contact Robin at or 614-339-5390.

Microsatellite testing through Maxam requires hair follicles. This testing is for parentage verification only and does not affect an animal’s official pedigree evaluation.

Microsatellite testing alone does not meet the requirement for registered males or ET/IVF donor dams.

Genomic testing is required for all males and donor dams. For more on genomic testing, click here.


Price List:

Parentage testing through Maxam………………………..$45

To order Genomic, A2 and/or BVD DNA testing kits:

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