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Guernsey Gold Sires

Guernsey Gold Sires was established in 2017 to provide a continuous offering of high genomic tested young sires to enhance genetic improvement. Selection of the young sires for this program is done by a panel of breeders elected by Guernsey Gold cooperator herd members. Semen for Guernsey Gold Sires is processed under strict quality control and delivered to Select Sires customers at no charge. Please allow six to eight weeks for delivery of semen purchased online.

​Non-Select Sires customers who select “unknown” for the representative when ordering will be automatically charged $100 on your credit card to cover freight and handling of the order that will be shipped directly to your farm with three day delivery.  GGS customers who desire quick action shipment can also use the “unknown” option to be charged $100 for three day service.

If you have any questions please call Blaine Crosser for assistance: 614-406-8446

Thank you!

GGS Bulls Available

 Conventional $18/unit
Sexed $35/unit

GFL24034 Dairyman Profit 3825 Japan.jpg

~ 6GU134 Dairyman Tsunami JETHRO ~

~ Sexed 514GU134 JETHRO ~


Tsunami son from elite CPI brood cow, Dairyman Profit Japan (EX-90-EX-MS-2E-GSD)

Sensational genomic numbers for udder traits including high, wide rear udders

Great source for components coming from his high testing maternal dams

Expect moderate size with strength and long productive life

Dam to Dairyman Tsunami Jethro

 Conventional $16/unit
Sexed $34/unit


Dam to Hartdale JCP Cadet

~ 6GU133 Hartdale JCP CADET~

~ Sexed 514GU133 CADET ~


JC Penney son from the famous “C” family at Hartdale

EX-93-EX-MS-2E dam with 30,000M completes seven generations of Excellent cows

Maternal sister, Cashmere (EX-92-EX-MS) was 2022 All American Sr. 3 yr. old

Expect superior type and increased milk production plus potential tanbark success


aAa: 126

GFL22927 Hartdale Chief Cashmere.jpg

Maternal Sister to Hartdale JCP Cadet

 Conventional $20/unit
Sexed $40/unit

Valley Gem Atlas Malt-ET  USE.jpg

Dam to Valley Gem Richard McDreamy-ETV

GFL23538 Valley Gem Richard Mamacita-ETV.jpg

~ 6GU131 Valley Gem Richard MCDREAMY-ETV~

~ Sexed 514GU131 MCDREAMY ~

Richard son out of the 3X National Grand Champion/Madison, Malt

His dam is EX-96-EX-97-MS and 2X Supreme Champion at Louisville

His full sister was Nominated Junior All-American Winter Calf – 2022

Bred for tanbark success and elite type confirmed by his genomic numbers

Expect his daughters to have high components and superior Productive Life

GML24073 Valley Gem Richard McDreamy-ETV.jpg


Full Sister to Valley Gem Richard McDreamy-ETV

 Conventional $20/unit
Sexed $40/unit

GF50748 GR-Kadence Sherlock Spiced Latte.jpg

~  6GU130 Kadence Java SPARTA-P  ~

~ Sexed 514GU130 SPARTA-P ~

Polled Java son with Superior Milk Improvement

    His EX-92-EX-MS All-American nominated dam is at the top of the CPI list and produced over 30,000#M

    Sensational numbers for PTAT, Udder Composite and Feet & Legs

    His pedigree points to tanbark success and excitement


aAa: 432

Dam to Kadence Java Sparta-P

Kadence Java Sparta-P.jpg


 Conventional $18/unit

Sexed $34/unit

GFK58392 Dairyman Mint 2704 Phase.jpg

Dam to Dairyman Theo Peloton

~  6GU128 Dairyman Theo PELOTON  ~

~ Sexed 514GU128 PELOTON ~

 Elite Net Merit $ & Cheese Merit $ THEO son


 His EX-91-EX-MS-2E-GSD Mint dam has calved six times in less than 6 years


Superior health traits – check out his numbers for DPR, PL, LIV & SCS           


Expect outstanding udders with snug fore udders and shallow udder depth

aAa: 645

Dairyman Theo Peloton.jpg


 Conventional $20/unit

~  6GU127 Smithfield Craig MAVERICK-ET  ~

Extraordinary Net Merit Dollars spells profitability


Health traits specialist with elite PL, DPR, Livability & SCS


Breed-leading PTI Craig son with superior Udder Composite


Impressive new cow family stacked with high components

aAa: 423

Smithfield Craig Maverick.jpg
Smithfield Craig Maverick 3-4 front.jpg


Conventional $15/unit

~  6GU126 Terphill James Dean GOLDMINE-ETV ~

Elite Type from two generations of Excellent cows with Excellent udders

Early James Dean son with show ring appeal

High components are his specialty

Expected to sire outstanding udders and correct feet & legs

aAa: 135

GFL19124 Terphill Pies Miney-ET.jpg

Dam to Terphill James Dean Goldmine-ETV

Terphill James Dean Goldmine.jpg
Terphill James Dean Goldmine 3-4 front.jpg


Conventional $16/unit

GFL24034 Dairyman Profit 3825 Japan.jpg

~  6GU125 Dairyman Craig JRUE ~

Outstanding Net Merit $ sire from two generations of elite CPI cows


Sensational health traits – check high DPR, Productive Life & Livability numbers


Positive components as expected from his high fat & protein producing dams


Represents the best of the Hoard’s Dairyman Farm breeding program

Dam to Dairyman Craig Jrue

Conventional $14/unit
Sexed: $25/unit


thumbnail_GFB14243 Springhill Pies Jazzu-ETV.jpg

~  6GU124 Springhill JUNGLE ~

~ 514GU124 Sexed JUNGLE ~


Breed’s first released THEO son from the Mentor Jazzy family


His Pies dam recently was raised to EX-92 in her third lactation after making over 21,000M @



Genomic numbers indicate outstanding Feet & Legs and Udders


Superior Productive Life and Livability spells longevity

Dam to Springhill Jungle

Conventional $12/unit


~  6GU123 Hi Guern View Divas JCPenney DJ ~

JC Penney x Dancing Diva (EX-96) spells tanbark excitement


His dam was named the breed’s 1st All American Lifetime Production Cow in 2021


His dam and EX-94 maternal sister earned the 2021 All American Dam & Daughter award for 2021


Elite Type pedigree with positive milk components and Productive Life

Dam to Hi Guern View Divas JCPenney DJ

 Conventional $18/unit

Up The Creek Morey Andie 2162022.jpg

~  6GU122 Up The Creek London AUDREY  ~

London son with elite DPR and PL from two generations of Excellent cows


His EX-93-EX-96-MS-4E dam has over 156,000 milk lifetime with high fat (5.1%) and protein (3.5%) percentages


His Excellent (91 2E) Copper maternal sister has an Excellent (93) mammary system


Superior udder attachments and correct feet/legs will be his specialty

Impressive SCR for high conception results

Dam to Up The Creek London Audrey

 Conventional $14/unit

Coulee Crest AP Lorilee.jpg

Maternal Granddam to Coulee Crest Coin Landon

Valley Gem Landon Moonstruck candid.jpg

~  6GU121 Coulee Crest Coin LANDON ~

Early Coin son with sensational udder numbers out of Latimer’s full sister


From the heart of the breed’s only 40,000# milk maternal family


His 2E Fame dam has a best record of over 30,000M, nearly 1800F and over 1050P


Expect superior type with exceptional feet & legs and udders



Daughter: Valley Gem Landon Moonstruck

1st Winter Calf Midwest Spring Show 2023

 Conventional $12/unit

GF48731 Lang Haven Novak KP-ET.jpg

~  6GU120 Lang Haven Networth KAPTION  ~

Elite Net Merit $ from a different Lang Haven cow family

Positive components for added-value milk

Great genomic scores for Productive Life and Livability

Expect shallow udders with strong suspensory ligaments

Dam to Lang Haven Networth Kaption

Conventional $10/unit

Idle Gold D Helios.jpg


~  6GU118 Idle Gold D HELIOS ~

Drone son from two generations of EX cows 


Superior type with outstanding feet & legs


Outstanding Productive Life score means longevity


Positive SCR for good fertility results

Idle Gold Legend Hera.tif

Dam to Idle Gold D Helios

 Conventional $14/unit

~  6GU117 Meadow Glow L KANDYMAN  ~

Unique Pedigree – London x Jaguar

Breed Leader for Milk and Fat Pounds

Superior Genomic Frame Traits

Expect Outstanding Rear Udders

aAa: 4261

Meadow Glow L Kandyman.jpg


 Conventional $12/unit

~  6GU116 Coulee Crest Richard CHECKMATE  ~

Richard son from strong production cow family


Rare combination of High Milk with Superior Health Traits


Solid type numbers for Udders & Feet and Legs


Pedigree combines the best of Hoard’s Dairyman and Coulee Crest


Daughter: Golden J Checkmate Harlow

4th Winter Calf NJS-Louisville 2022

Conventional $12/unit


Dam to Hi Guern View Charming Design

~  6GU115 Hi Guern View Charming DESIGN~

Elite Type from the famous Dancer family –

EX-94 dam, EX-96 granddam and

EX-92 great-granddam


Tanbark success and All-American recognition found in the nearest three dams (Designer/Diva/Dancer)


Great source for high components and superior health traits (DPR/PL/LIV/SCS)


Outstanding Type composites and linear traits indicate show ring excitement

GFL22870 Coulee Crest Design Layla.jpg

Daughter: Coulee Crest Design Layla

Honorable Mention Junior All-American Spring Calf 2022

Now sold out through GGS - 
Contact Guernsey Marketing Service to order:

~  6GU114 Springhill JC PENNEY-ET~


Elite Type from an All American Show winning cow family


EX-95 dam, Mentor Jazzy and EX-93 granddam, Tiller Joke are National Grand Champions


His daughters are creating excitement in the sale ring and on the tanbark

Springhill Mentor Jazzy-ET Rt Rear Grazi
GFL22905 Springhill JCP Blaire.jpg

Daughter: Springhill JCP Blaire

Reserve Junior All-American Fall Calf 2022

Junior Champion Ohio State Fair 2022

Dam to Springhill JC Penney-ET


thumbnail_GMB14244 Springhill JC Penney.jpg
Empire JCP Trinidad.jpeg

Daughter: Empire JCP Trinidad VG-86 @ 1-10

Reserve All-American Summer Yearling 2022

Daughters of JC PENNEY in the ring!

GFL23052 Digligle Queenies JC Quincy-ET.jpg

Daughter: Digligle Queenies JC Quincy-ET

Reserve All-American Fall Calf 2022

Conventional $16/unit

Ripley Farms Aron Coni Tina-ET.jpg

Maternal Granddam to Ripley Farms Networth C Theo

~ 6GU112 Ripley Farms Networth C THEO~

Elite Net Merit $

Net Worth son out of VG-88 Double L backed by EX-90 Aaron


Two generations of Gold Star dams with Excellent udders


Health trait specialist for DPR, PL & SCS & Livability

GFL22881 Coulee Crest Theo Lilybell.jpg

Daughter: Coulee Crest Theo Lilybell

Nominated All-American Fall Calf 2022

Daughter: Dairyman Theo 4928 Dia-ETV VG-87

Dairyman Theo 4971 Kade 822023.jpg

Daughter: Dairyman Theo 4971 Kade VG-85

Dairyman Theo 4928 Dia 822023.jpg
Dairyman Theo 4928 Dia 3.4 head down 822023.jpg

Conventional $25/unit

~  6GU111 Dairyman Charming CRAIG ~

Unique pedigree – Charming son from

EX-91-2E-EX-93-MS-Gold Star Dam Laredo


Outstanding udders & high milk components


Superior DPR, Livability and Productive Life scores

Limited Semen Available

GFL24024 Dairyman Laredo Chloe.jpg

Dam to Dairyman Charming Craig

GFL23310 Maple Bottom Craig Koki.jpg

Daughter: Maple Bottom Craig Koki

5th Summer Yearling NGS-Harrisburg 2022

Springhill PT Craig J.jpg

Daughter: Springhill PT Craig Jill-ETV VG-87

Reserve Grand Champion Ohio State Fair 2023

Conventional $8/unit

~  6GU110 Dairyman Toby PHARMER-ET ~

Rare Toby son out of EX-90-EX-90-MS Cordell Phanny from Hoard’s

Component improver for butterfat and protein

Elite Productive Life score with positive livability spells longevity

Dairyman Cordell Phanny.jpg

Dam to Dairyman Toby Pharmer-ET

Conventional $10/unit

Knapps Les Reba (2).jpg

Dam to Miss Me Rebas Reputation-TW

GFL22903 Coulee Crest Reputation Letty-ETV.jpg

Daughter: Coulee Crest Reputation Letty-ETV

Honorable Mention Junior All-American Summer Yearling 2022

2nd Summer Yearling NJS-Madison 2022

~ 6GU109  Miss Me Rebas REPUTATION-TW~

Rare Copper son with excellent health traits

Elite Type maternal family with EX-93 Les dam and EX-94 Deemand granddam from Knapps

Expect superior udders, positive components and longevity

GFL19107 Miss Me Reputations Empire.jpg

Daughter: Miss Me Reputations Empire

Nominated All-American Fall Calf 2020

Just A Dream Reputation Lilly.jpg

Daughter: Just A Dream Reputation Lilly

Nominated Junior All-American 2021 & 2022

Conventional $8/unit

Sandy Knoll Grumpy Bibi.jpg

Dam to Pine-Tree Jordy Built

~  6GU108 Pine-Tree Jordy BUILT ~

Production improvement built in his pedigree

 Jordy son out of EX-91-2E, Grumpy BiBi

Expect profitable daughters that last lactation after lactation

GFL24021 Dairyman Built 4746 Jeux.jpg

Daughter: Dairyman Built 4746 Jeux GP-83 85MS

Golden Rays Built Blue.jpg

Daughter: Golden Rays Built Blue

1st Fall Calf New England Guernsey Classic 2023

Conventional $8/unit

Dam to Pine-Tree Levi Beaver

~  6GU104 Pine-Tree Levi BEAVER ~


Levi Aaron son from the famous Lorilyn cow family

High Sire Conception Rate (SCR) for superior fertility 

Superior Foot/Leg Improver

GFJ8680 Ealy Highland Beaver Tiger Lily.jpg

Daughter: Ealy Highland Beaver TigerLily VG-86 87MS

GFJ8681 Ealy Highland Beaver Tiger Lily Rt 3Qtr Udder.jpg
GFL23278 Dairyman Beaver 4589 Norda-ET.jpg

Daughter: Dairyman Beaver 4589 Norda-ET VG-85

Junior All-American Winter Calf 2020

Reserve Junior All-American Winter Yearling 2021

Honorable Mention Junior All-American Sr. 2-Year-Old 2022

GF50370 Springhill Champagne (1).jpg

Daughter: Springhill Champagne VG-87

Nominated Junior All-American Sr. 2-Year-Old 2022

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