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Total Performance Evaluation

Forms are now updated for the 2024 TPE program! Sign up by February 15, 2024 for a 5% discount!

The Total Performance Evaluation program (TPE) helps producers realize value for every dairy producer. It is a package designed to work within the framework of any management program. It integrates performance, functional type, program service discounts and benefits and genetic information all into one program.

Take a moment and read about the many benefits TPE can provide for your Guernsey operation:

Type Traits Appraisal

  • One herd classification is included every year. The classification schedule is on a seven-month rotation, providing the opportunity for a second classification within the calendar year. A second herd classification will be charged a minimum of $100.

  • Appraisers leave a complete score, breakdown and remarks for each cow scored with the herd owner on the day of appraisal.

  • Appraisal of first, second, and third lactation cows, and cows that have not been scored twice.

  • Any non-required cow, or cow scored 2x in one year, will be charged $9 per cow.

  • Post-appraisal summary of individual traits.

  • Actively contribute to the breed's genetic evaluations for type appraisal included at one location per TPE sign-up. If cows are located at a second location for appraisal, a second herd fee will be charged.

Discounts on AGA Services

  • Substantial discounts on registrations of $5 per registration for animals registered 6 months of age or younger. An additional $3 may be saved per registration if the animal is registered at 3 months of age or younger.

  • TPE herds will receive a complimentary pedigree on each animal registered at 3 months of age or younger.

  • Free use of the online pedigree system with reduced performance pedigree cost. 

Production Records

  • 305 and 365 day DHIR records, plus 305 day DHI records, are automatically included on pedigrees and eligible for national awards and other recognition programs. Breeders may submit 365 day DHI records to the AGA for inclusion on pedigrees at no additional cost.

  • Two annual herd lactation summaries.

Genetic Information

  • Complimentary USDA/AGA sire summaries 3x per year. 

  • Semi-annual predicted transmitting ability report on milking herd.

  • Publication of the high ranking herds for Cow Performance Index (CPI) herd average.

  • Discount on genomic testing fees. 

Promotional Benefits

  • TPE members receive a $50 credit to use on an ad in the Guernsey Breeders' Journal!

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