Genomic Testing

Genomic & DNA Testing your Registered Guernseys


The American Guernsey Association provides genomic and parentage testing for registered Guernsey cattle upon request. Before requesting DNA testing, please read the following to ensure that you request the correct test.


Genomic testing is available through the AGA via Zoetis. Unregistered animals cannot be genomic tested unless they have an RFID tag.

Testing may also be done by working directly with Zoetis. If working through Zoetis, pricing will vary from AGA pricing.


There are four main tests offered by the AGA:

  1. Genomic Evaluation Testing – includes a breakdown for health, production and type traits based on the animal’s DNA. Can also be used for parentage testing if the animal’s sire has been genomic tested.

  2. A2 Beta Casein Testing – testing for the A1 or A2 protein gene. Results are automatically included on official American Guernsey pedigrees and listed in sales catalogs.

  3. BVD Testing ‐ health test for BVD. Once an animal has tested negative, it does not need tested again. BVD is a required negative for Guernsey Marketing sales. This test is inexpensive and highly recommended. Please note that tissue samples are required for BVD testing through Zoetis.

All of these tests can be run from the same hair, blood, tissue or semen sample, except BVD, which must be run on a tissue sample.

CDCB genomic-testing fees

The Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding has updated the fees for males and females receiving evaluations beginning April 2019. These fees differ from those found on the Fees & Specifications section of this page.

Click here for more information, and click here for an explanation of fees.

New genomic pricing!

Zoetis has reduced fees for Clarifide genomic pricing and will now include A2 casein results with Clarifide for no extra fee! Click on Fees & Specifications to learn more.

To order Genomic, A2 and/or BVD DNA testing kits:

For non-genomic parentage testing, click here.