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2020 Annual Member Update

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July 9-10


Wooster, Ohio



The Annual Member Update was held Tuesday, July 7, 2020 via Zoom. You can watch the meeting in its entirety above.


Ideal Cow Fundraising Drive

Help us hit our goal of $25,000 to commission a new ideal cow! Our cow has served us well, but at 61 years old, it's time to let her retire. The first leg of our fundraising drive will be the sale of three beautiful prints that have helped illustrate the Guernsey cow over the span of a century: King of the May, The Ideal Cow, and Guernsey and Calf. These are limited-edition, pre-order prints ONLY, so don't miss your chance to own a part of history and pay it forward to the future!


You must pre-order, no prints will be available for purchase at the Annual Meeting. 

Prints can be picked up at the Annual Meeting for no additional charge, shipping is $15.

King of the May

Additional Information Below

Half Size Print- $150

Larry Shultz Print,

Guernsey and Calf,

18x24- $40

1960 Version of

the Ideal Cow,

18x24 -$30

King of the May

Original print is a 44Wx27.25H

We will be making 10 original sized prints, the 1st will be hung in the office, 2nd will be auctioned off at the antiquity sale at convention. The remaining 8 will be available by pre-registration, in which you will get a ticket, this ticket will be put into a pool and 8 tickets will be picked at random to purchase an original size King of the May print. If your name is selected to purchase, you will purchase the print for $1,000. 


The only way to guarantee you will get an original size print is to purchase the print at the antiquity sale/auction. 

National Awards
Click here to view the 2020 National Awards
All 2021 applications can be emailed to
Kayla at


Living Lifetime Production Recognition

These awards are presented to the cow, or cows, with the top lifetime milk, fat and protein production. The cow must have been on DHI test at least one month in the award year and an application must be submitted. The winners are recognized at the National Convention and the top ten animals in each category are recognized in the Guernsey Breeders’ Journal.

• Award Application
• Award Application in MS Word Format


Master Breeder Award

Each year the AGA recognizes one individual or partnership that has contributed to the Guernsey breed in the United States by breeding outstanding animals for many years. The award is presented at the AGA National Convention.

• Award Application
• Award Application in MS Word Format


AGA Distinguished Service Award

This award is presented each year at the AGA National Convention to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the Guernsey breed.

• Award Application
• Award Application in MS Word Format

National Outstanding Young Farmer

This award recognizes an individual or couple that is under the age of 35 and is making a notable contribution to the Guernsey breed and has demonstrated success and a positive attitude within the dairy industry.

 Award Application
• Award Application in MS Word Format

Past recipients of Master Breeder, Distinguished Service & Outstanding Young Farmer Awards

Youth Award Applications are Available on the AGA Youth Page


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