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Genetic Recovery Program

Increase Value

The American Guernsey Association's Genetic Recovery Program allows animals to enter and advance through the Herd Register as they increase Guernsey genetics with every generation. Cows qualifying for the Herd Register through the Genetic Recovery Program have sons in A.I., have been recognized as national class leaders, have earned All-American honors and have sold for top dollar from the auction block.  

Steps to Recovery

  1. Step one is the Recorded Female (RF). She must be a dairy type animal with no genetic abnormalities. She must have at least one purebred Guernsey parent.

  2. Step two is the Guernsey Type (GT) animal. This female must be sired by a purebred Guernsey bull out of an RF female. The animal in this step must be a minimum of 75% Guernsey. If adequate records are provided, the initial animal may enter the Genetic Recovery Program as a GT animal.

  3. Step three is the Provisional Register (PR) animal. This is a female out of a GT dam and sired by a Registered Guernsey bull. This step requires a minimum of 87% Guernsey genetics. Beginning at this level, females are eligible for exhibition at national shows, as long as they are of "Guernsey" appearance. Females in this step are eligible for production awards.

  4. Step four is the Genetic Recovery (GR) animal. This is a female out of a PR dam and a Registered Guernsey bull. Females in this step are eligible for production awards. This step requires a minimum of 94% Guernsey genetics. 

Animals in all four steps have the same information available as registered animals, such as registration certificates, production records and classification scores. Every animal must be available for inspection by an AGA representative if requested. Genetic Recovery (GR) females are fully registered, thereby having all the privileges of Registered Guernseys. No males are permitted in the four steps of the Genetic Recovery Program.

A Small Investment

Fees for Genetic Recovery:

  • RF - $10.00

  • GT - $10.00

  • PR & GR - regular rates apply

Click here for a downloadable brochure on the Genetic Recovery Program

Proven Results with Genetic Recovery

GR-Dix Lee Royce Starskittles

Sold for $4,000 in the 2016 Ozark Jubilee Sale

Reserve Jr. Champion NGS-Madison 2017

PR-Dix Lee Kojack Peony EX-92 (92/90)

3-08 365D 20,770M 4.1% 850F 3.5% 726P

Featured in the Hoard's Dairyman Judging Contest

Both bred by Keith Dixon, Phillipsburg, MO

"For us, the Genetic Recovery Program was a way of switching from the Holsteins we had left to Guernseys. The Genetic Recovery Program has been very beneficial to our herd. We now have animals that we wouldn't have otherwise. The resulting crosses continue to milk well quantity-wise and quality increases. Calving ease is also a bonus. Grazing ability improves as generations continue to be bred Guernsey." - Keith Dixon

Walnut Ridge Mentor Sophia VG-88 (90/90)

2-03 365D 29,660M 5.7% 1,691F* 3.5% 1,036P

HM All-American Sr. 2-Year-Old 2014

Dam: GR-Walnut Ridge Brant Simplicity VG-85

Bred & Owned by Walnut Ridge Farm, Middletown, MD

"Only our show calves were registered when I took over the farm. Instead of going back through generations of records, we entered many of our animals into the Genetic Recovery Program to save time and money. We now use it mostly for crossbreeding. We're going to start breeding our Jerseys to Guernseys for the Guernsey temperament." - Pam Moser, Walnut Ridge Farm

"Both Dan and I grew up with Guernseys, but when we took over the farm, the herd had switched to Holsteins. We wanted to own a 100% Guernsey herd, and the most economical way to do that was to breed our Holsteins to Guernsey bulls. The Genetic Recovery Program allowed us to develop our own Guernsey herd. There's something about raising each generation and watching it improve that gives you a great sense of accomplishment." - Sherry Ealy, Sharpsville, PA

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