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 World Guernsey Conference ~2019

Pre-Conference Tour: May 21- June 8, 2019, beginning in Houston, Texas

World Guernsey Conference: June 9-12, 2019, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Post-Conference Tour - June 13-15, 2019, New York State 

Tours, Seminars and Farms To Be Featured

Tours: ST Genetics, Johnson Space Center, AT&T Stadium, National Cowboy Museum, The Springhouse, and West Point Tour

Seminars and Workshops: Classification & Showmanship


Texas: Lavon Farms

Missouri: Dix-Lee Farm

Iowa: Knapps Guernseys and Rolling Prairie Guernseys
Wisconsin: Jens Gold, Golden J, Idle Gold, Valley Gem, Hoard's Dairyman, Lang Haven,

Adam's Creek, Coulee Crest & Gurn-Z-Meadow

Indiana: Villa Crest

Ohio: Land of Living, Springhill, Pine Grove

Pennsylvania: Trotacre Farms, Twin- Brook Farm, Rivendale, Maple Bottom, Snider Homestead, Misty Meadows,

Warwick Manor

New York: Ripley Farms, Coon Bros.

Farm Tour Video Sign Up Form

If you would like to have your farm featured in the Farm Video Tour at the World Conference, register and submit a video clip highlighting your farm by January 1, 2019. If you need assistance creating a video please contact the American Guernsey Association. 

Support The World Guernsey Conference

Purchase Art Work 

Bonnie Mohr created "Future's Promise" to commemorate the 16th World Guernsey Cattle Federation Conference hosted by the American Guernsey Association in 2019. The net proceeds from all sales will go toward costs of hosting the World Guernsey Conference next year. The AGA has exclusive rights to sell "Future’s Promise" merchandise through the AGA Convention in 2019.

Canvas Giclée Reproduction, 20" X 24" - $300

Signed & Numbered Artist Proof, 16" X 20" - $125

Signed & Numbered Print, 16" X 20" - $100

Print, 8" X 10" - $15

Note Cards, Pack of 10 - $12

Please contact American Guernsey Association, Monday - Friday, to purchase.

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