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Here’s your chance to support Guernsey youth

If you remember the thrill of owning your first calf, the excitement of competing in showmanship contests and the camaraderie of judging competition, here’s your chance to give back to Guernsey youth programs.


Plans are underway for silent and live auctions at this summer’s National Guernsey Convention, with proceeds supporting the future of our breed. The silent auction will be held throughout the day on Thursday, June 20, culminating with a live auction during the youth banquet that evening.  We hope you’ll help us by donating auction items to make this important fundraiser a success. 


Here are just a few ideas of items you might either donate yourself or solicit from organizations in your area. But any donations are welcome! 

·         Guernsey-themed item

·         Historic Guernsey memorabilia

·         Artwork

·         Quilt

·         Spa basket

·         Farm toy

·         T-shirt, cap or other wearable item

·         Guernsey semen or embryo

·         Show halter

·         Gift certificate or gift card


To help us plan an adequate display area for auction items at the convention, please let us know by June 1 what you plan to donate. You may register your planned donation on this easy-to-use online form:


Or if you prefer, email or call 262-470-3709 with this information. You may either ship donated items to the address below by June 15, or bring them with you to the convention.


All monies raised from the auctions will support the American Guernsey Association Youth Fund. The Youth Fund makes possible these important programs and activities for the future leaders of our breed:

·         Outstanding Guernsey Youth Award

·         National Guernsey Youth Scholarship

·         National Junior Show awards such as the Junior Total Performance Cow Banner

·         Contests such as Prepared Speaking

·         Awards for top Guernsey judges at five different judging contests

·         Showmanship awards

·         Youth pages in the Guernsey Breeders’ Journal

·         Travel reimbursements for the National Guernsey Queen and National Guernsey Princess


On behalf of Guernsey youth everywhere, thank you for your help! If you have questions contact Karen Potratz or the AGA office at



Silent Auction Co-Chairs

Ann Lage Pidgeon

Karen Lage Potratz

N14 W30082 High Ridge Rd.

Pewaukee, WI 53072


This is a great opportunity to support the future of the Guernsey breed. The youth programs sound like they provide valuable experiences, much like taking the rice purity test back in the day! I'm sure any donations, big or small, would be greatly appreciated to help these young Guernsey enthusiasts continue their passion.


These auction programs are very meaningful. I hope there will be more community activities like this. basketball legends


The silent auction will take place throughout the day on Thursday, June 20, culminating in a live auction at the youth banquet that evening. phrazle


All monies raised from the auctions will support the American Guernsey Association Youth Fund. snow rider 3d


I have some Guernsey-themed items that I'd love to contribute. Can't wait to see the auction items and support our future leaders in the breed! snake game

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